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Lucky Dog Purple Label

Lucky Dog Purple Label

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Lucky Dog Hickory Smoked Jalapeno Pepper Sauce 8.5 fl oz

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label is a lightly smoked mild sauce made with jalapeño chiles - and only jalapeño chiles! This is the first (and only) non-pepper blend from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, and the resulting flavor is a distinctively bright and tangy jalapeño finishing sauce with all-natural hickory smoke flavor from smoked sea salts. While a mild sauce, there's still enough heat to light up the palate a bit - it is hot sauce, after all.

Naturally sweetened with California black mission figs and organic apples from Nana Mae's, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label is fruit-based, but not "fruity" at all - it's the perfect compliment to beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian dishes, pizza, sandwiches and almost everything else. 100% fruit sweetened with no cane sugar, Purple Label is yet another reason that Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is Food's Best Friend!

Pairing suggestions: Purple Label is almost like cheating when it comes to chicken, fish, steak & pork, as it will add the notes of hickory smoked flavor without the hours of standing over a smoker. A tremendous compliment to cheese & crackers, sourdough bread & goat cheese, or a turkey & Swiss sandwich, this sauce is also equally at home on pizza or burgers.

If you love hickory, you'll LOVE Purple Label - and it makes a tremendous steak sauce too!

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